The World Needs Your Knowledge

Want to share your knowledge through online videos?
We will teach you how to get your point across efficiently and effectively.

What we do

Mapping together

We review the exact outcome you want to achieve with your videos – who and why you would like to address.

If you already have materials ready, we analyze how they performed.

We examine what kind of content proved to be successful in your niche, and the kind of content your target audience prefers to watch.

Planning together

We aid you in choosing the ideal video formats to reach your goals.

We plan how you can create the chosen content cost-effectively together.

We look for the most cost-efficient tools, software and accessories to create your own videos.

Creating together

We create pilot recordings, variations with you. We involve members of your target audience to select the most successful videos.

We help you how to use the online video platform you prefer efficiently. We teach you how to confidently create and deliver your content later on.

How we work

Our team cares about one thing only:
how you can communicate your value through online videos and how we can teach you how to do just that.


We are continuously researching how certain target audiences can be addressed effectively with online video.


We are looking for the simplest and most effective solutions that will make you reach your goals.


We are your guide in making your learning curve producing videos shorter and less painful.

Who we are

Our team formed from a group of friends. The thing that connects us is that we all work in education, care about social issues and love creating videos.